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Video Architects
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Synergy between latest technology and creativity

Video architects – a team of experienced 3D animators, engineers, creative directors and IT professionals who are gathered together with aim to find the best synergy between latest technology and creativity.


3D projection mapping

An exciting projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic 3D or 2D animation display. Just few examples where this solution could be used: building mapping, new product launches, live concerts, corporate events and many others.
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Interactive media

Depending on Customers objective we could deliver an outstanding solution that combines visual, audio and text content applied with interactivity for end user. Simplest illustration of this service would be: touch screen, interactive projection on glass, games reacting to people moves and many others.
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Visual media

Our team members’ universality gives an opportunity to manage and create photo, video, graphic and animation content that will cover any needs of our Client in visual area. TV shows design, specialized videos, visual content creation and outstanding art projects could be just few from many topics where we would be very delighted to assist You.
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Water projection

A new technology that was created in cooperation of Video architects and fountain specialists offers a specialized water screens for projecting visual content on them. We would be very happy to help and amaze your partners or special events guests with unseen views.
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It’s about creating illusions to be alive. This technique let us to see three-dimensional images on space. A surface for it is not needed. There are several types of holograms and our team will have a pleasure to advice which hologram is the best option for requested project.
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In order of having unusual ideas where our creativity and technical knowledge could combine please feel free to contact:

Linartas Urniezis
+370 655 31656
Projects Manager                    
Povilas Ozelis
+370 611 68068

Sales Manager in Germany      
Tomas Urnieza
+49 177 4345756


We are always looking for a talented people to join Video architects team. If you think that your knowledge or craziest ideas could fulfill our profile, let us know!

For entering our spaceship to the future as a ticket, you should send a CV and motivational letter! E-mail: